How to escape from an earthquake?


Earthquake response strategy 1: turn off open flames and power supplies as soon as possible
When an earthquake strikes, if your kitchen is boiling water or cooking, remember to turn off the fire and power as soon as possible.
Violent shaking occurs during an earthquake, and if there is an open flame in the home or an open power supply, it is easy to catch fire. Shutting down ignition and power sources is an important factor in reducing earthquake damage.
Earthquake response strategy 2: Find a suitable shelter position
The safer spaces are: the root of the load-bearing wall, the corner, the bathroom and other small rooms. Heating ducts are ideal for shelter. First, the bearing capacity of heating is large, and second, the water in the pipeline can prolong the survival of people.
Earthquake response strategy three: protect the head
People squat, face down, forehead pillowed on both arms, such a posture can protect the head in the event of an earthquake, of course, if you have the conditions, you should also take a soft cushion to protect the head, if possible, but also cover the mouth and nose with a wet towel as much as possible to prevent dust and poisonous gas.
Earthquake Response Strategy Four: Try to call for help
If you are unfortunately crushed in the rubble during an earthquake, if you have water and heating pipes around, it is very convenient to call for help. You can tap the pipe and the sound will get out, and such a distress signal is also crucial in times of crisis. The sound of one's own call for help during an earthquake is difficult to be heard by the outside world, but the sound of the pipe is easier to be detected by the outside world.
Although we may feel that earthquakes are far away, these methods may help people save their lives when it comes to critical moments. These are all specific measures when an earthquake strikes, but experts from the Earthquake Bureau say that there is another point that is more important than these specific measures, that is, good psychological quality in the face of disasters. Be sure to remain calm and composed, especially in public, where panic can cause greater chaos, and learn to face disasters sensibly.
In fact, not only in the face of earthquakes, when facing various disasters, maintaining a good psychological state and following commands are the most important. Hopefully, you'll remember these tips and bring you safety and peace at critical times.
How to escape from an earthquake?
Myth 1: When an earthquake occurs, immediately run outdoors
When an earthquake comes, the first thing that many people think of is to flee to an open place. However, studies have shown that in the short period of time when an earthquake occurs, people are most likely to be killed and injured when entering or leaving buildings.
In cities dominated by buildings, there is a greater danger of fleeing outdoors during an earthquake. Because the bricks and tiles of the roof, billboards, glass walls, etc. are in danger of collapsing. In addition, if people living on high-rises all flee outdoors at the same time, it is easy to cause chaos and cause unnecessary trouble.
Myth 2: Hiding in a large wardrobe or other large furniture
Many people may think that some large pieces of furniture can give people a sense of security, and they may be a shelter in times of an earthquake, but when it is really time for an earthquake, you should always stay away from them.
Do not hide in large wardrobes or other cabinets during an earthquake. Although the large wardrobe is strong, the center of gravity is too high and easy to tilt, and once the person is in the cabinet, the vision will be obstructed, and the limbs will be bound, which will not only miss the escape opportunity, but also not be conducive to being rescued.
Myth 3: Lying on the ground or lying down to save physical strength and wait for rescue
Lying or lying on your stomach during an earthquake is dangerous, because the surface area of the body is increased, so the chance of being hit by objects such as debris is five times greater than when standing, and lying down is not conducive to flexible body movement, so it is important to maintain correct posture during an earthquake.
I really don't know if I don't know, I was shocked when I said it, it turned out that these practices were so dangerous. Remember that in the event of an earthquake, don't rush outside, don't hide in furniture, and don't lie down. These are misconceptions, so what is the right thing to do?
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