Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) turned out to be produced and worked in this way


Earlier we talked about the characteristics and uses of yellow powder polyaluminum chloride (PAC), and how to judge which content or which type of product is more suitable for which industries to use, I believe that after the previous discussion, many people will have a more or less understanding of this product, then perhaps some people will be interested in polyaluminum chloride, want to know more. Today, let's all understand the production method of this product and its working principle, so that you can have a deeper understanding of it and help you make better use of this product.
High content polyaluminum chloride
In fact, for polyaluminum chloride this product generally has two production methods, one is relatively simple, called boiling pyrolysis method, the other is relatively difficult, called aluminum ash hydrochloric acid method, polyaluminum chloride is produced with the help of these two methods and professional production equipment.
First of all, let's talk about the boiling pyrolysis method. This method is to boil and pyrolyze crystalline aluminum chloride at high temperature, hydrogen chloride gas will be produced, and hydrochloric acid will be formed after collecting these gases with water, and after recovery, it will be matured and polymerized at a certain temperature, and then after a series of operations such as solidification, drying and crushing, it can be made into solid polyaluminum chloride finished products. This method is relatively simple, but it also needs to be produced with the help of professionals and professional equipment, do not operate blindly.
Secondly, explain the aluminum ash hydrochloric acid method. This method is relatively complex, it needs to add aluminum ash to the reactor added to the washing water in advance according to a certain ratio, slowly add hydrochloric acid during the stirring process for reaction, and wait until the curing polymerization reaches certain conditions for sedimentation, you can get liquid polyaluminum chloride, and then dilute the liquid product filtering, evaporation, concentration and drying will get solid polyaluminum chloride. Of course, it is still a reminder not to carry out blind operations, all operations must be carried out under the guidance of professionals.
Low content polyaluminum chloride
After talking about the production of polyaluminum chloride above, we will introduce its working principle below, of course, in this regard, we will briefly talk about it, roughly understand it.
The working principle of polyaluminum chloride is simply to neutralize the charge of the suspended solids in the water, and then bridge under the action of the surface particles of polyaluminum chloride, that is, let the suspended solids in the water connect and gather into clumps, not easy to disperse, and then quickly precipitate under the action of gravity to achieve the effect of purifying sewage. Of course, this is just a simple statement, if you want a more professional explanation, you can search on the Internet, but it is more troublesome to watch.


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