The role of industrial glucose


1. Used in medicine, regulate the acid-base balance in the human body to restore the normal function of nerves, based on the same purpose, for food additives;

2. Used as a water quality stabilizer, its excellent performance is manifested in:

(1) It has obvious coordination effect, suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulas, due to the influence of coordination effect, the corrosion inhibition effect is greatly improved;

(2) Contrary to general corrosion inhibitors, the corrosion inhibition rate increases with the increase of temperature;

(3) The technical requirements of scale inhibition ability have strong complexing ability for calcium, magnesium and iron salts, especially for Fe3+;

(4) As a circulating cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor, it is incomparable with other corrosion and scale inhibitors currently used, and can achieve the role of eliminating pollution;

3. Used in the food industry, because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, it can be used as a food additive. Sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate have excellent taste thresholds. Sodium gluconate is non-irritating, no bitter taste, salt taste quality is close to table salt, the threshold is much higher than other organic salts, which is 5 times that of table salt (inorganic salt), 2.6 times that of sodium malate, and 16.3 times that of sodium lactate. Sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate are used in food processing to adjust pH, improve food taste, replace salt processing into healthy low-salt or salt-free (sodium chloride-free) food, and play a great role in improving human health and enriching people's lives.

4. During sewage treatment commissioning, industrial glucose is added to provide a carbon source, which is to better cultivate bacteria and improve the biochemistry of sewage. If the COD and BOD in the operating system are not enough to supply the growth and reproduction of strains, additional dosing is required to prevent sludge aging and reduced biological activity. 5. It can be used directly in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing tanning industry, and glucose is commonly used as a reducing agent in the mirror industry and the silver plating process of hot water bottles. In industry, a large number of glucose is also used as raw material to synthesize vitamin C (ascorbic acid)