How to escape in an earthquake?

How to escape in an earthquake?

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CopingwithEarthquakeStrategy1:Turnofftheopenflameandpowersupplyforthefirsttime Whentheearthquakearrives,ifyourkitchenisboilingwaterorcooking,remembertoturnoffthefireandpoweratthefirsttime. Itviolently
Coping with Earthquake Strategy 1: Turn off the open flame and power supply for the first time
When the earthquake arrives, if your kitchen is boiling water or cooking, remember to turn off the fire and power at the first time.
It violently shakes during an earthquake. If there is an open fire in the house or there is an open power source, it is very prone to fire. Turning off the source of ignition and power is an important factor in reducing earthquake losses.
Coping with Earthquake Strategy II: Finding the Right Evacuation Location
The safer spaces are: the wall of the load-bearing wall, the corner, the bathroom and other small rooms. Next to the heating pipe is the ideal shelter. First, the heating capacity of the heating is large, and the water in the pipeline can prolong the survival of the human.
Coping with Earthquake Strategy III: Protecting the head
People kneel down, face down, forehead pillows on both arms, this position can protect the head during an earthquake, of course, if you have the conditions, you should also use a soft cushion to protect the head, if necessary, Cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel as much as possible to prevent dirt and poisonous gases.
Coping with Earthquake Strategy IV: Trying to Call for Help
If you are unfortunately crushed in the ruins during the earthquake, if there are water pipes and heating pipes around, it is very convenient for help. You can hit the pipe with force and the sound can be transmitted. This kind of distress signal is also crucial in a critical moment. The sound of your own crying during the earthquake is hard to hear by the outside world, but the sound of the pipeline is easier to be detected by the outside world.
The anti-seismic strategies we introduced can be remembered, although we may feel that the earthquake is far away from us, but once it reaches a critical moment, these methods may help people to save their lives. These are specific measures for the earthquake, but experts from the Earthquake Administration said that there is one more important than these specific measures, that is, the good psychological quality in the face of disaster. Be sure to stay calm and calm, especially in public, panic may cause greater confusion, and learn to be rational and face the disaster.
In fact, it is not just to face the earthquake, but to maintain a good psychological state in the face of various disasters, listening to the command is the most important. I hope that we can teach you these few tricks, let them bring you safety and security at critical moments.
How to escape in an earthquake?
Misunderstanding 1: An earthquake immediately flees outdoors
When the earthquake arrives, many people may think of the first thing to escape to an empty place. However, studies have shown that during the short period of an earthquake, people are most likely to be killed or injured when they enter or leave the building.
In a city dominated by buildings, there is a greater danger of fleeing outdoors during an earthquake. Because the roof tiles, billboards, glass walls, etc. have the danger of collapse. In addition, if people who live at the top are fleeing at the same time, it is prone to confusion and unnecessary trouble.
Myth 2: Hiding in a large closet or other large furniture
Many people may think that some large pieces of furniture can give people a sense of security. They may be a shelter when the earthquake strikes, but you really have to stay away from them when the earthquake strikes.
Never hide in a large closet or other cabinet during an earthquake. Although the large wardrobe is strong, but the center of gravity is too high and easy to tilt, and once the person is blocked in the cabinet, the limbs are bound, not only will miss the escape machine, but also not conducive to being saved.
Misunderstanding 3: lie on the ground or lie down to save energy, waiting for rescue
The posture of lying or squatting at the time of the earthquake is very dangerous, because the plane area of ​​the body is increased, so that the probability of being hit by objects such as ruins is five times larger than when standing, and lying down It is not conducive to physical flexibility, so it is important to maintain the correct posture during an earthquake.
I really don’t know if I don’t know, and when I say it, it’s so dangerous. You must remember that in the event of an earthquake, don't rush to the outside, don't hide in the furniture, and never lie down. These are misunderstandings, so what is the right thing to do?
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