Environmental supervision, another batch of pharmaceutical companies, chemical industry will be closed

Environmental supervision, another batch of pharmaceutical companies, chemical industry will be closed

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Accordingtoreports,anewroundofenvironmentalsupervisionin2018isabouttostrike,andthisinspectionrequirementwillbemorestrict! OnMarch29,2018,theMinistryofEcologyandEnvironmentannouncedthe"Accountabilityof
According to reports, a new round of environmental supervision in 2018 is about to strike, and this inspection requirement will be more strict!
On March 29, 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the "Accountability of the Second Batch of Central Environmental Protection Inspectors in 7 Provinces (City) Public Transfer Cases." 1048 people in 7 provinces including Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing, Shaanxi and Gansu were questioned.
A new round of environmental supervision will be launched
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a regular press conference in March 2018. Liu Youbin, spokesman of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment resolutely set off the political responsibility for ecological civilization construction and environmental protection:
First, focus on fighting pollution prevention and control, especially to win the blue sky defense war, and carry out the first round of environmental protection inspectors to "look back."
Second, use another three years or so to complete the second round of central environmental protection inspector coverage.
Third, in response to some key areas of pollution prevention and control, organize annual mobile and acupoint-type environmental protection special inspections.
Fourth, establish a system of supervision at the central and provincial levels, continuously improve the long-term mechanism for environmental protection, and promote the high-quality development of the economy.
According to the recent institutional reform plan of the State Council, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will assume the functions of natural ecological supervision, and pollution control and enhanced supervision will be its key tasks.
Environmental protection policies will be introduced one after another
In recent years, environmental issues have been an impact on the pharmaceutical industry, and everyone is well aware of it. Under the pressure of environmental protection, many pharmaceutical companies were forced to relocate, stop production, or even shut down.
In November 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration jointly issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job of the Peak Production of the Heating Industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Surrounding Areas in 2017-2018. Notice of pharmaceutical companies. It is clearly required that the departments under the jurisdiction should formulate specific measures for the production of the peak season of raw material medicine heating season, clarify the content of the stopped product, the time limit for production suspension, and the mode of production suspension, and strictly stop production according to the requirements.
On January 1, 2018, the Environmental Protection Tax Law will be officially implemented. After the environmental protection tax was levied, atmospheric and water pollutant discharge enterprises were the most affected. Among them, the pharmaceutical industry, which has been listed in the heavily polluting industry, has not escaped.
Many pharmaceutical companies will close
As early as last August, according to sources, Shandong, Hebei, and Tianjin closed 623, moved 265, and destroyed 4,263. And according to the plan, all other "three no" companies will be closed in October. Henan closed 407, moved 140, signed 54 relocation agreements, and 1336 power outages. According to the plan, 2,577 ‘three no’ businesses will be closed in September.
According to the above data, we can only predict from the impact of environmental supervision on the manufacturing industry, especially the impact on the pharmaceutical industry. It is also possible to predict that there will be a large number of pharmaceutical companies in 2018, which will be closed due to high environmental pressure. .
Previously, Harbin Pharmaceutical said in its announcement that "in recent years, the company has invested a total of 400 million yuan for clean production and environmental protection, mainly to build wastewater pretreatment and sewage treatment, odor, boiler flue gas, noise and other pollution. Treatment facilities. The annual operating costs of various environmental protection facilities are more than 50 million yuan."
According to the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the environmental protection tax is all used as local income, and the central government will no longer participate in the division, which will further stimulate local power for environmental governance. In this case, it is difficult for some pharmaceutical companies to seek local protection.
It can be seen that with the new round of reform of the State Council, the establishment of the Ministry of Eco-Environment and the implementation of the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the intensity of environmental supervision will certainly rise to a new level, and the pharmaceutical industry, especially raw material pharmaceutical companies, will also become Key regulatory targets. In this situation, transformation is especially important for pharmaceutical companies.