The more expensive polyacrylamide, the better the effect, right? You'll know it after reading this


The more expensive the price of polyacrylamide, the better the effect, this is obviously wrong, so on the other hand, the better the effect of polyacrylamide, the more expensive the proposition is true? Let's take a look at it:
What determines the good or bad effect of polyacrylamide?
The quality and badness of polyacrylamide need to be judged according to its use conditions, and when the role is different, the factors that determine its quality are also different. In the field of water treatment, when polyacrylamide acts as precipitation, its quality can be judged by observing the flocculation effect (huddle size), precipitation rate, water quality clarity, polyacrylamide amount used, polyacrylamide dissolution rate and whether it can meet the requirements of on-site use. When polyacrylamide acts as air flotation, its quality needs to be observed: flocculation effect, air flotation speed, effluent clarification, polyacrylamide usage, polyacrylamide dissolution rate, whether it can meet the subsequent desilting effect on site, etc. When polyacrylamide acts on sludge dewatering, its quality can be observed: floc size, dewatering effect, effluent clarity, coagulation reaction speed, polyacrylamide dosage, dissolution rate, effect in the filter press, sludge moisture content, etc.


Experimental effect of polyacrylamide

When we know the quality of the effect of polyacrylamide, we can screen through the steps of small trial selection, pilot test qualitative, large test quantification, etc., and select the model with better effect. For example: for example, polyacrylamide for coal washing plants, I have met many dealers who like to choose non-ionic polyacrylamide, because non-ionic products have a wider range of adaptation, and they can wash different coal without changing agents, eliminating a lot of after-sales service problems. However, in actual use, it may be that the coal washed by the coal washing plant can be well treated by using anionic polyacrylamide, and the effect is by no means inferior to non-ionic polyacrylamide. So why don't we choose anionic polyacrylamide that is cheap, small, effective and more cost-effective? Similarly, many unprofessional suppliers may offer you products that you can use, not products that are more suitable for you, with the best effect and lowest price.
Obviously, the more expensive the price of polyacrylamide, the better the effect, and the better the effect of polyacrylamide, the more expensive the price, both propositions are wrong. When we choose products, we must choose professional suppliers, and we should screen layer by layer during the selection experiment to select the products that have the best effect for you and are not expensive. Remember that when choosing a product, you must consider the price issue, the same effect, must preferably choose anionic polyacrylamide, followed by non-ionic polyacrylamide, and finally consider cationic polyacrylamide (cationic polyacrylamide from low ionization to high ionization to choose).



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