Overview and description of ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide


1. Overview of ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide 
Ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide is a new chemical water purification product developed to adapt to the wide application of polyacrylamide products. It is for different situations, adding certain chemicals to compensate for certain deficiencies, thereby increasing the efficiency of polyacrylamide - creating a synergistic effect. Ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide has the characteristics of high viscosity, instant and high molecular weight; It can be widely used in incense, glue and other industries, and has been praised by our customers! 
2. Description of ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide 
1. Production principle of high-viscosity polyacrylamide fine powder: high-viscosity polyacrylamide fine powder is developed and produced by special technology, especially suitable for thickening and bonding in the incense industry. 
2. Molecular weight of high-viscosity polyacrylamide fine powder: the general molecular weight is between 12 million and 20 million; 
3. Application field of high-viscosity polyacrylamide fine powder; Incense bonding, glue, architectural ceramic bonding and other aspects are widely used. 
3. Ultra-high viscosity polyacrylamide packaging and description 
1. The packaging of this product is lined with double-layer polyethylene plastic woven bags, each bag is 25KG 
2. This product can be used as a high-efficiency papermaking dispersant.