The use effect of polyacrylamide requires attention to the following tips


1, the selection of polyacrylamide is very important, the first step must be good, we must determine the best polyacrylamide model, is cationic polyacrylamide or anionic polyacrylamide or non-ionic polyacrylamide, and to determine the appropriate molecular weight. 
2, must be in accordance with the standard operation of polyacrylamide, these skills you can consult our polyacrylamide manufacturers of technical personnel how to use polyacrylamide flocculant to reduce the cost of sewage treatment, must be as far as possible to avoid improper operation caused by adverse effects! 
3. Pay attention to the subtle changes of the treatment object at any time, pay attention to the changes of some uncontrollable factors in time, adjust the dosage of polyacrylamide in time, or cooperate with other flocculants to reduce treatment costs, or readjust the sewage treatment scheme. At present, the molecular weight of high-end polyacrylamide can reach more than 20 million, known as ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide by the industry, it can achieve very good results in the paper industry, petrochemical industry, especially in oil displacement. Ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide is the most widely used product because of its higher viscosity, and it is also the first choice with the most cost performance!