Work experience in medical complex construction and family doctor contracting services


The construction of medical alliances and the on-site promotion meeting of family doctor contracting services were held in our county. Zhu Jing, member of the leading party group of the municipal government, Chen Zongyi, vice chairman of the CPPCC and other members of the CPPCC attended the event. At the meeting, our county first introduced the construction of medical complexes and the work experience of family doctor contracting services. Since September 2013, Fujian has set up two medical alliances led by the county people's hospital and the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, gradually achieving full coverage of ten districts and towns, from January to May this year alone, the county people's hospital and the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine sent 252 experts, 166 authors outpatient treatment and consultation 52 operations, grassroots personnel to higher-level hospitals to participate in academic lectures 279 times, short-term training 71 people. Family doctor contracting services have been fully launched in all districts and towns this year, with a coverage rate of 100 percent in villages and communities, and 10 types of key groups signing up for services with district chiefs as units. The signing rate of key groups such as children aged 0 to 6, disabled people, and patients with severe mental disorders with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes has reached more than 60%. Other counties and municipalities also exchanged information on the progress of the work. She is innovative in the construction of the weight loss and medical association.
Family doctor contracting services pay attention to pertinence, and the graded diagnosis and treatment work reflects timeliness, which is worth learning from carefully. Zhu Jing asked that all counties and municipalities should speed up the consensus building, deepen the re-understanding of comprehensive medical reform, effectively enhance the sense of urgency and mission of the work, and continuously improve the people's sense of gain and satisfaction. Deputy County Governor Qian Yanqiu said that our county will take this meeting as an opportunity to learn from the advanced work experience of brother counties and cities, further deepen the medical reform work in combination with its own reality, and give full play to the dual role of implementing the task of medical reform at the county level and exploring medical reform. The executors of the single number of changed decisions and pioneers exploring new paths of medical reform should take the last mile of medical reform implementation and catch up with the first kilometer of exploration.