Fushun Longfeng Chemical Plant analyzes the characteristics of aromatic gum powder


Traditional incense making is mainly handmade, but with the development of modern technology, the incense making craft has basically been submerged in the long river of time. With the increasing market demand, the output of aromatic gum powder has also increased year by year.
Perfume making glue powder should pay attention to sealing when storing, should pay attention to moisture, should be protected from light, avoid high temperature; Fushun Longfeng Chemical Factory reminds everyone to add a plastic lining when storing, do not put it in a metal container, and strictly grasp the storage time, because too long will cause the decomposition of the glue powder.
Fushun Longfeng Chemical Plant analyzes the characteristics of aromatic gum powder
Fushun Longfeng Chemical Factory introduces the characteristics of aromatic gum powder mainly in the following aspects:
(1) It has the characteristics of good solubility, high viscosity, strong toughness, flammable (less) smoke, no peculiar smell and non-toxic combustion;
(2) The performance of plant incense gum powder products is stable, which avoids the uneven bonding quality of other plant gum powder and ordinary starch due to different origins and times, and it is necessary to repeatedly debug the formula during the production of incense industry to avoid the phenomenon of unstable product quality;
(3) The appearance of plant incense gum powder incense products is smooth and flat, well formed, and not easy to break;
(4) Especially its cold water gelatinization, no need to boil paste, the material is directly mixed evenly, water stirring can be produced, and the material mixed with water will not be dry and hard for a long time, effectively saving energy and facilitating production operations.