The selection of perfume powder is a trick


I believe that everyone is no stranger to the making of incense gum powder, the common incense and spices in our lives are mainly made of it, in recent years, the most used is a variety of flavors. Fushun Longfeng Chemical Plant can also have a variety of spices in traditional Chinese medicine, such as star anise, fennel and so on.
Perfume making gum powder and the utilization of this fragrance binder is half that of ordinary fragrance binder. Polyacrylamide for incense making greatly saves the overall production cost of incense polyacrylamide, which can not only eliminate the amount of material and procurement, quality inspection and other procedures.
Now the rubber powder used on the market has two kinds of chemical rubber powder and vegetable rubber powder, vegetable rubber powder is now also scarce, pure vegetable rubber powder is now very little. Moreover, once put into the incense market, it has been proved that it can replace sticky wood powder, elm peel powder, root powder, adhesive and other immortal binders alone. Moreover, the process key and configuration are eliminated to save manpower and material resources to the greatest extent. Obviously, the difference between the spices and the use of chemical powdered amide time.
The chemical rubber powder of Fushun Longfeng Chemical Plant is mainly amide, and there are many problems, the viscosity of the fine powder does not have the viscosity of the particles, and the cost is low, and the fragrance can be a variety of natural flavors. There are fine powders and granules in both, and the difference in cost is considerable. Always want to buy a low cost of good viscosity rubber powder, such as allowed to low the cost of the product itself.
The selection of perfume powder is a trick
Such as sandalwood, agarwood, etc. made of incense gray black, easy to regain moisture, coarse appearance, etc., fine powder dissolves quickly, but fine powder is destroyed by particles. Large particles in the stirring time must be long, not sure that the dissolution is good, can not achieve the best results, itself will be low viscosity, these problems.
In the growth of excipients can be fundamentally handled, compared to natural flavors and Chinese herbal spices, flavors may not be able to reach, but when it comes to the benefits to the human body. We use plant gum powder time will not appear, a large number of incense users to purchase the most tense raw material to make incense gum powder, customers should choose according to their own actual environment.