Explain how to get the best out of polyacrylamide


The three important indicators of polyacrylamide are molecular weight, hydrolysis degree and solid content. There are three main indicators of cationic polyacrylamide, that is, ionization, solid content and molecular weight. The molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide varies from 6 million to 22 million, and the ionization degree of cationic polyacrylamide varies from 20%-60%; Recently, many customers in different fields have reported that the effect of adding polyacrylamide is not good, and Yuanda Water Purification Materials suggests: choose the corresponding anion or cationic products according to the on-site sewage treatment process and equipment.

The degree of hydrolysis of polyacrylamide is lower than that of other similar products, and for some soluble flocculants, the greater the ionization degree corresponding to more ions, and the weaker their degree of hydrolysis. Generally, the faster the PAM hydrolysis with a high charge value, and the slower the hydrolysis rate of PAM with a low charge value.


So, why does the sewage treatment that affects polyacrylamide PAM not achieve the effect that the manufacturer said, and the following is followed by the source water purification material Xiaobian for cause analysis:


1. Dissolution time: after polyacrylamide is dissolved into liquid, it should be used as soon as possible, as the storage time increases, the agent will degrade with time, the lower the viscosity of the liquid, the more affected the effect of sewage treatment. In general, polyacrylamide liquid can be stored for about 1-2 days. The storage time of solid polyacrylamide is longer, and it is generally recommended that the aqueous solution of polyacrylamide be prepared and used now.

2. Temperature influence: when the ratio of polyacrylamide liquid, it begins to slowly degrade when the temperature reaches 60 °C, and the anionic flocculant of 22 million molecular weight degrades to about 5 million when it reaches a certain high temperature, and even destroys the molecular chain structure, affecting the use effect with the increase of temperature, degradation is getting faster and faster.


3. Stirring effect: stirring machinery can improve the dissolution rate of polyacrylamide, but the stirring speed should not be too high, that will shear the molecular chain structure of polyacrylamide, it is recommended that the mixer control speed 150 rpm, do not use high-strength mixing instruments and high-speed conveying equipment.


4. Water quality influence: Yuanda polyacrylamide manufacturers recommend the use of neutral pure water or tap water for stirring and dissolution, if the use of river water quality will affect the dissolution of polyacrylamide, because river water contains impurities, will affect the viscosity of polyacrylamide and the effect of sewage treatment.


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